You can open a nail salon if you wish to perform cosmetic treatments and be self-employed. But first, educate yourself on what you need to know to complete your assignment successfully.

Orient Yourself

To be able to practice the profession of nail prosthetics, you must imperatively have a CAP in aesthetic and body care or a title or diploma of equal or higher level that is approved or registered with the national directory of professional certifications for your own business. Ready yourself with all these requirements which need to open your new Nail Salon Business Plans.

Go to a school

Do not ask questions by phone and go to a school or meet the trainer to check if the diploma issued is registered at level at the RNCP. For your own business you should have the certificate of trainer then you can open your own salon bar.

Analyze the training offered

The practice of aesthetic care does not allow you to give preventive or curative treatments as health professionals do. You will be able to apply cosmetics, perform manicure or foot beauty techniques, advice, sell, and retain your customers.

Take Training

During your training, you will cover various topics with which you will need to familiarize yourself. For example, you will learn: consulting sales, applied sciences in aesthetic techniques, French expression, arts applied to the profession, physical and sports education, mathematics, and physical sciences, and you will be trained in social life and professional.

Get your degree

You’re CAP in aesthetic and body care will allow you to practice at home, in supermarkets, franchised stores, beauty salons, retirement homes, cultural and media organizations, or open your nail salon.

Find the perfect place.

Before opening your nail salon, you should start by looking for a room that is well placed, preferably in a place where there is a lot of traffic. If necessary, hire a real estate professional, but you can search independently while asking friends and acquaintances to help you.

Find the money

Once you have gathered the capital to rent or buy a space (by investing your savings, taking out a bank loan, or asking your acquaintances or family members to help you), sign the contract and prepare the space. Clean up your space and change what needs to be.

Obtain the necessary equipment

To be able to work in your chosen field, you are going to need various accessories such as chairs and tables, files, small nail brushes and products such as a wide variety of varnishes, a product to remove the varnish, drying devices, and products to kill bacteria and treat fungal infections.

Get a cash register

To be law-abiding, you will have to have numbered billers and take note of all your transactions (sales and purchases) to be able to pay your taxes. You can do this using a computer with software (free management software available on the Gratuities website.

Hire nail technicians

Even if you’re just getting started, if your reputation is good, you will need to hire professionals with the necessary CAP to help you and increase your customer base.

Use software for wages

You will need software to properly manage your employees and their pay slips and the various social changes that must also be paid. When you increase your customer base, you can hire an accountant.

Train your employees

For your employees to understand your sales policy, you will need to quickly train them in your sales and relationship techniques. You can enlist the help of family members or friends to come to your salon as clients; they will act as “guinea pigs” before you officially open your business.


When you think you are ready to open, advertise, for example, by offering special promotions for the opening of your salon. Advertise and offer, for example, a wedding package, and offer partnerships to hotels.

Use social networks

You can advertise on social networks like Facebook, Tumbler, or Twitter to get you noticed and gets more customers. It’s also feasible to make your website on which you will present your services and offer products for sale online.

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