The best way to enjoy a carefree trip is to be prepared and forewarned.

So here is my list of travel safety tips and tricks covering all aspects of planning, emergency management, hotel safety, food, health, and cybersecurity (which is often overlooked). And the protection of your home when you travel.

By reading and being informed, you make your travels safer.

The world is not dangerous if you are careful.

Travel safely

Due to our highly publicized world, it’s easy to think of traveling as dangerous.

You can hear the story of this traveler who was attacked in this country over and over again, and you might think the whole country is dangerous.

But, unless you’re going to a war-torn country, traveling is no more dangerous than staying at home.

The only thing is that everything is familiar in your own country, and you know what to do if something goes wrong. While abroad, you may not know who to call, how to communicate, etc.

That’s why preparation and awareness are your best tools for safe travel, and that’s why I’m sharing these travel safety tips.

Travel Safety Myths

Developing countries are more dangerous – FALSE – the only higher risk is that the roads are not in such good condition and you have to be careful with the water. But otherwise, people in developing countries are often the most welcoming and protective, especially if tourism is not yet developed.

Better Trust Other Travelers – FALSE -, in countries with low crime rates, other travelers often steal!

Travel Insurance Never Pays – FALSE – You can read some stories online about people who have had bad travel insurance experiences. But what you don’t see is the large number of compensation claims that have been handled smoothly because people don’t write about it. Getting insurance is a big help if you have a crisis. You have to be aware of what exactly it covers.

The main dangers come from others – FALSE – In fact, the main dangers come from ourselves and our behavior. We tend to take more risks or drink more …

Top Concerns and Dangers of Travel Safety

I know it is scary to see on the 24/7 news that someone has been killed in this country. But don’t let the media madness stop you from traveling.

I have to admit that I am also influenced, but I try to push it back.

The main things you might face (but this is probably also the case in your country) are:

The pickpockets, as well as snatching – so no shoulder bags and good organization for each item – I once had a woman open my bag while I was walking in a city. I turned around and told her to stop, I kept walking, and she tried to open it again! I had nothing of value in my pocket anyway, just handkerchiefs.

Tourist Scams – Great Stories to Make You Spend Your Money. If you educate yourself in advance, you can spot them easily.

Theft with a physical threat – They are much less common. I have never had to deal with this matter. If this has happened to you, you have to “stay calm” and give the money you have. It can happen in any country, even yours.

Safety advise for travelers – General advice

How to travel safely? A lot of things have to do with your behavior first.

1 – Look confident

When you project confidence, people are less likely to annoy you. But if you appear scared and hesitant, you will be seen as a target.

Even if you are not sure, stand up straight, look straight ahead, and show your confidence.

2 – Be aware of what surrounds you

Don’t overlook the signs. Always take a look around to get a feel for the place.

There is a beach, which is very dangerous because the waves can suddenly rise much higher. But most people ignore the signs, and accidents do happen.

3 – Trust your instincts

He is in a good position to judge it. Don’t be against it—still the same car. But one day, my instinct made me move one car farther forward. I go inside. And 30 seconds later, a fight breaks out in the wagon in which I used to sit …

4 – Learn the basics of the language

People around you will appreciate it if you make an effort to say hello, please, and thank you in their language. They are more likely to help you.

5 – Dress appropriately

If you can’t respect the culture and traditions you’re traveling in, don’t go! Check the clothing recommendations beforehand.

I once crossed paths with two girls hiking with their guide wearing only little shorts and a bikini top. Well, they must have been in pain because the path was covered with thorny plants …

6 – Know the popular scams

There are fraudsters in all countries. Look for the various popular scams in the countries you travel to. When you are warned, you avoid them without problems. Simple, isn’t it?

When I first started traveling, I fell for a scam, where students started talking to me in a park and took me to drink tea. I ended up buying tea that was probably way overpriced. I had a great time with them, but I spent way too much money.

7 – don’t be cheap with your security

Choose hotels in a safe place, take a taxi on the way back at night …

8 – limit your alcohol consumption

It’s tempting to let go on vacation, but if you don’t have a sober, trusted friend with you, you better be reasonable.

9 – be reasonable with selfies

There are more and more accidents because people focus on their self-esteem rather than looking around.

10 – keep your phone charged

If you use your GPS and lose photos and videos, your phone may have a dead battery at the end of the day. You should always have enough money to call in an emergency. So a small external battery can help you recharge where you need it.

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